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What is the aim of the Indira Awass Yojana (IAY)?

Answer Aim of Indira Awaas Yojana is to provide financial assistance to the rural houseless poor families and those living in dilapidated and kutcha houses living Below the Poverty Line (BPL) for construction of house and also to provide house sites to the landless poor as well.

Who are eligible to get assistance under IAY?

Answer BPL rural households of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, non-Scheduled Caste and non- Scheduled Tribes. Priority should be given to families of manual scavengers, including those rehabilitated and rehabilitated bonded labourers. Thereafter the priority to be adhered to is as follows:- i. Women in difficult circumstances, including widows, those divorced or deserted, women victims of atrocities and those whose husbands are missing for at least three years, and, women headed families. ii. Mentally challenged persons (with at least 40% disability) iii. Physically challenged persons (with at least 40% disability) iv. Transgender persons v. Widows and next-of-kin of members of defence/paramilitary /police forces killed in action (even if not BPL) vi. Other houseless BPL families.

Who can apply for employment under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA)?

Answer All adult members of a rural household who have a Job Card. Even if a person is already employed/engaged in work, he/she has right to demand employment as unskilled manual worker under this Act. rd Women will get priority and 1/3 beneficiaries under the Programme are to be women..

Can individual application for work be submitted?

Answer Yes. Registration of employment seekers is done household-wise. But within a registered households' entitlement for 100 days of employment in a year the individual members of the household can also apply for work..

How can one apply for work under NREGA?

Answer To get employment the registered adult holding Job Card should ask for it through an application on a plain paper in writing to the Gram Panchayat or Programme Officer (at block level) and ask for a dated receipt of application.

How many days of the year can one get this employment?

Answer A household is entitled for 100 days of work in a financial year and that can be divided among adult members of the household. The work duration shall ordinarily be at least 14 days continuously with not more than 6 days a week.

What are the provisions for weaker sections, minorities and persons with disabilities under IAY?

Answer At the national level, 60% of the funds would be earmarked for SCs and STs with the proportion between SCs and STs being decided from time to time by the Ministry of Rural Development and reflected in the targets. Further, 15% of the funds would be set apart for beneficiaries from among the minorities. The State should ensure that atleast 3% of beneficiaries are from among persons with disabilities. The earmarking is only the minimum limit that should be achieved by the State and States, if they so desire may add to the target under these categories. The targets in these categories should not be reduced. However, targets from SC and ST can be interchanged if there are no eligible beneficiaries from either of the category and it is certified as such.

Is there any provision under IAY to meet the expenses of uploading photographs of IAY houses, training of masons etc.?

Answer Yes, upto 4% of the funds released under IAY can be utilized for administering the scheme. Uploading of photographs and training of masons are some of the eligible items of expenditure under administrative expenses.

Is there any provision under IAY to help acquire plots for construction of houses?

Answer Yes, an amount of Rs.20,000/ is provided for acquiring plot by an IAY beneficiary which will be shared by Centre and State in the ratio of 50:50. The District Collector should identify public lands available in the habitations and allot them to the eligible landless. In case public land is not available the required land may be purchased by following the procedure prescribed by the State Government. If this is not possible, land acquisition may be undertaken as the last resort.